Hi! My name is Joel, AKA ToastyBiggins.  Have you ever seen a primate at the zoo start to flip out and go nuts? I’m talking a full out, chest pounding, leaf throwing, bone-wielding threat display, a la 2001: A Space Odyssey (hint: see banner image). Imagine a place on the internet where you are free to engage in such cathartic behavior to your heart’s content as your fearsome, primal hoots resound throughout a cavernous web-chamber.

If you enjoy this image, this blog is for you

Well, imagine no more, fellow primate, because you’re there. Carry your makeshift bludgeoning apparatus with pride, my friend. You’re in good company here.

And that’s why this blog is called the Hoot Booth. Also, because “hoot booth” is very nearly a perfect palindrome. In fact, you have no idea how close you came to reading the About page of the “Hoot Btooh”, but ultimately I decided that it was missing some of the resonance provided by making use of, you know, actual words.

If you enjoy this image, this blog is also for you

I am currently a senior at a small, Midwestern liberal arts college, double majoring in English and Computer Science (“Whaaaaaat?” I hear you say. “Those things don’t go together!” I know right? Double majors be crazy! Krazy with a Kapital K!) This blog focuses on two of my greatest passions: video games and anime. My other interests include reading (particularly fantasy, classic, and medieval literature), writing, foreign languages (currently trying to teach myself Japanese, lol weeaboo), Parkour, D&D, and playing video game tunes on the guitar. I hope to eventually get a career in game design, so some of the game-related posts may involve my analysis of a game as I try to figure out what makes it play the way it does. That said, I also just really enjoy the act of playing video games for its own sake.

If you enjoy THIS image, just go ahead and consider yourself my best friend forever. Seriously.

But enough about me. A lone voice hooting in the wilderness is a sad thing indeed. If a blogger hoots in the forest, and no one is around to hear him, can it really be said that he is hooting at all? Let us think on this, gentle readers, but while you’re doing that, be sure to record your thoughts in the comments section. For any blog, especially ones that trade primarily in opinions and analyses, the post itself is really just the opening shot in the volley of discussion; an unreturned ideological serve, if you will. If the post is well-written and interesting enough to inspire the readers on the other side of the (inter)net to take up the racket of discourse, well, that’s when we can both…go for the…the match-point. Of personal growth.

Tennis metaphor.

So please, share your opinions, share your feedback, share what you had for breakfast this morning if the mood strikes you. Remember, it may technically be my blog, but it’s still your internet. Do with it what you will.

– Toasty Out

  1. I have no idea how old this blog is, but I’ve just discovered it, and your Pocket Monster stories are hugely funny. Awesome stuff. Please, carry on!

    • Why thank you! I hope to branch out into writing about other things eventually, but the Pocket Monster Diaries are way too much fun to write for me to ever stop, so no matter what I’m going to keep putting up new ones every Friday.

      This blog’s only been up since April, and it doesn’t have a ton of readers yet, so I really appreciate the feedback. Knowing that people enjoy your work is really the best motivation to keep writing. I’m always open to more reactions or criticism about my stuff, so be sure to tell your friends!

  2. Moar Pocket Monsters pls.

  3. I was searching images of Pokemon in the web and then I found your awesome battle against Brock. Cool story. Now I wonder where you got Chuckles.Is it in Pallet Town?

  4. I was searching for images of Pokemon Leafgreen, and one of the pictures was a screenshot from your first entry, a shot of the player next to an NPC in Pallet Town, with the caption: “I’ve lived here by entire life and I don’t know what your name is. And you know what? I’m okay with that.”
    After recovering from a huge laugh attack, I curiously clicked on the link. What was this? A collection of captioned screenshots? An article?
    The link opened to the first entry of the Pocket Monster Diaries, and i just dove in and read. That was probably one of the best moments of 2012 for me. I can honestly say that this blog is one of the best gems I’ve ever discovered on the internet- and by accident!
    Thanks for everything, Toasty.
    I hope someday it will continue.

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